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MAC Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick Review

About the Company:

MAC cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is now a worldwide known cosmetics manufacturer. The name is an abbreviation for Make-up Art Cosmetics. It was founded in 1984 (founding members: Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo), Toronto, Canada, although its headquarters are currently in New York, U.S.

Initially, the target audience of the company consisted of makeup professionals and models, but now, the products are sold to customers all over the world.

MAC Cosmetics is one of the top three global makeup brands and its independent stores are run by professional artists. (SOURCE)


Basic Information about the Product:


Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick


Name: Ruby Woo (lipstick)


Finish: Retro Matte

Resistance: Long-wear (above 4-5 h)


Price: 17$

According to MAC stats, Ruby Woo has a rating of 5 stars out of 5.

Personal Opinion (and more information about Ruby Woo Lipstick):

I love MAC cosmetics and I love red lipsticks, so when I went to the store and saw Ruby Woo I thought “Why not combine two of my faves?”

The first thing I noticed was the vivid, intense red colour. This lipstick was no joke (I love bold nuances.) It was not pretty, but sexy – the kind you want to use to turn heads or to express your confidence with. I bought it without a second thought. The package is the classic one. A black box containing the black lipstick tube, that has the name of the brand on it. It’s elegant if you ask me, and the shape makes it easy to slip in the purse.

Another thing that I appreciated was the faint vanilla scent. It’s not like some it’s going to smell your lips, but one can’t say he’d reject a good-smelling product. The idea of wearing something delicious just makes it ten times better. At least, that’s my opinion.

I doubt that anyone would do it, but let me warn you that no matter how good a cosmetics product might smell, eating it is not safe; some lipstick might inevitably go to your stomach when you eat, but purposefully chewing on a lipstick (or any other makeup product) might result in medical complications.

I was not a big fan of matte lipstick until recently, so I had no idea what retro matte meant. If you have no idea as well, let me enlighten you. Retro matte is “the mattest of the matte.” Yep, that’s some claim this MAC lipstick makes.

(But it is indeed very matte so I would advise those who have dry lips to use it with a lip primer and, perhaps, not on a daily basis. It dries your lips – not to the point of cracking, but enough to undergo some home-made treatments to soothe and hydrate your lips.)

Despite the matte-ness, however, it is not hard to apply and has good coverage.

ruby woo1

Ruby Woo is a long-wearing lipstick that one can let untouched for about 4-5 hours. I wore it to a party for the first time, so I had some drinks, food (pasta, for God’s sake), and dessert. When I went to the bathroom, the colour had faded a little bit, but it was still in place and there weren’t any red marks under or above my lips. Still, the colour faded nicely on the lips, meaning that there wasn’t a sole point where it disappeared and I didn’t have that line on the interior of the lip that bugged me with other lipsticks.

I am a huge fan of lipsticks, and as such, I want to state that this product reached my expectations. I wanted an intense colour that lasted long enough that I didn’t have to worry about drinking a cup of coffee or eating out – who wants to think “Is it on my teeth?” or “Does it look like crap?” in the middle of a conversation?

I would totally recommend it, though I’d say to consider your personality as well before buying it. If you’re shy, it might make you feel empowered and sexy, but you should prepare to have people turn their head (Don’t worry, you look just fine, but now everyone has the courage to rock that colour, so thumbs up for you!)

This lipstick can be worn day & night because if you smack some eyeliner and mascara, you instantly unleash your inner “Pin Up Girl” who’s ready to take over the world.



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The most beautiful make-up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.

— Yves Saint Laurent


I’m curious: Would you wear it? Do you have this lipstick already? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below. Also, what’s your favourite red lipstick?



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